Hello Everyone!!

Firstly let's get the excuse of being "too old" to get in shape out of the way.
For me my birthday is just a date on a calender as i have competed for over a decade against competitors half my age. How you might ask? By having the knowledge of how the body functions and just as importantly how to get the most out of your workouts, i will pass on my wisdom & tips to you my fellow bloggers and followers.

The "Key"(s) to exercise is having a variety. First not allowing the task to become boring and/or cumbersome as you must keep the brain guessing thus eliminating the plateau effect. Also when changes are not immediate one tends to become frustrated and feels like quitting, so we are going to change this with the blog to keep the routines far from boring and productive.

Secondly i will pass on knowledge regarding nutrition and water which is critical. You can work out all you want but remember what you do during exercise is tearing down the muscle and if you don't repair and hydrate you are just wasting your time, this aspect is probably 60%+ of the equation to a healthy body

Within the continuation of this blog, I will show you how to improve your health, change your shape and improve your game.... from the serious athlete to the weekend warrior. There will be video's of weight bearing exercises per body part and routines that everyone can fit in to their schedule and lifestyle no matter how hectic it is.

And remember, there is no point in having an empire if you are not around to enjoy it. Your body is a temple!

Yours in Fitness,

Terry Keys


"Terry's knowledge of nutrition, proper training techniques and insight into how to maximize our player's energy and strength is second to none........ it has proven invaluable in our team's success."
-Trevor Stienburg, Head Coach
SMU Hockey Huskies
2010 CIS National Champions

"Few athletes have the dedication, let alone the physical ability to stay at the top of their sport the way Terry Keys has."
-Jim Reyno
Halifax Daily News Reporter

"Very few athletes have the ability or knowledge to truly help people in reaching their lifestyle goals. With his proven accomplishments in body sculpting, Terry is able to grasp and provide methods that work........ He is a walking testimonial of his success and abilities in living a healthy and happy lifestyle."
-Richard Glover
Director HBS & ProLab Canada


I, Terry Keys along with the my charities ( Childrens Wish, QE11 Foundation and Maggies Place) also with The Tower, make no claim as to the accuracy of any of the information provided in the blog. If you have any questions regarding your health, nutrition or well should visit a certified physican.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Understanding Calories

As we get more in tune with our bodies through exercise and what we think is replenishing "our machine" with the proper nutrition, how many of you followers actually know what a calorie is?  Its everywhere from your cardio machines (how many you burn) to your food packaging that's listed when you buy it....well here is your Calorie 101 lesson. A calorie is a unit measurement of heat required to raise 1 kilogram of water to 1 degree Celsius. So same idea with our food, its how much heat is needed to burn off that particular substance....4 calories for carbs/protein and 9 calories for fat. You can see why fat usually wins out the
arms race within your body lol as its last to go, but with some Keys2Fitness tips the advantage will be on our side, read on. You think with that info on how calories work/burn up, that training and exercising would expend the most calories.....sitting down? Maybe 30% of your daily intake !! Tip#1;  always do weight bearing exercises first to deplete the body of its 1st energy source, glucose (carbs), then do cardio to use your secondary fuel, which is fat!! So then the other 60% is used for daily living and keeping your motor running  (all your internal organs, replacing cells, transporting oxygen etc), this is why you must bring in a certain amount of calories to maintain or the brain will ramp down and hold onto all you eat as it doesn't care what your doing, it wants to live!! How much?....usually around 10 calories per ideal bodyweight. ie. 200lb man= 2000 calories per day Tip#2;  "X" Factor, for every lb of muscle that you keep and maintain an additional 50c is needed, see why i preach the importance of weight bearing exercises? Its to stoke the internal fires and to keep the body humming along. Tip#3 ; the last 10% of the equation is digestion so eating the proper foods is important, for example the efficiently rate is different for each group....carbs and fat use under 10 calories for breaking down itself where protein needs 20-30 calories, so numbers don't lie, if you want to lose lbs have protein with every meal, plus it helps grow and repair your muscles. Tip#4; carbs look for fibrous (fruit/veggies) as they don't breakdown as quickly into glucose also (veggies/whole grains) tends to block the absorption of other calories. Tip#5;
goes without saying but worth repeating, avoid the low calorie processed foods as people have a tendency to overeat just because the package says sugar free lol, meanwhile they are loading up on the sucrose/aspartame of the world and will lead to obesity