Hello Everyone!!

Firstly let's get the excuse of being "too old" to get in shape out of the way.
For me my birthday is just a date on a calender as i have competed for over a decade against competitors half my age. How you might ask? By having the knowledge of how the body functions and just as importantly how to get the most out of your workouts, i will pass on my wisdom & tips to you my fellow bloggers and followers.

The "Key"(s) to exercise is having a variety. First not allowing the task to become boring and/or cumbersome as you must keep the brain guessing thus eliminating the plateau effect. Also when changes are not immediate one tends to become frustrated and feels like quitting, so we are going to change this with the blog to keep the routines far from boring and productive.

Secondly i will pass on knowledge regarding nutrition and water which is critical. You can work out all you want but remember what you do during exercise is tearing down the muscle and if you don't repair and hydrate you are just wasting your time, this aspect is probably 60%+ of the equation to a healthy body

Within the continuation of this blog, I will show you how to improve your health, change your shape and improve your game.... from the serious athlete to the weekend warrior. There will be video's of weight bearing exercises per body part and routines that everyone can fit in to their schedule and lifestyle no matter how hectic it is.

And remember, there is no point in having an empire if you are not around to enjoy it. Your body is a temple!

Yours in Fitness,

Terry Keys


"Terry's knowledge of nutrition, proper training techniques and insight into how to maximize our player's energy and strength is second to none........ it has proven invaluable in our team's success."
-Trevor Stienburg, Head Coach
SMU Hockey Huskies
2010 CIS National Champions

"Few athletes have the dedication, let alone the physical ability to stay at the top of their sport the way Terry Keys has."
-Jim Reyno
Halifax Daily News Reporter

"Very few athletes have the ability or knowledge to truly help people in reaching their lifestyle goals. With his proven accomplishments in body sculpting, Terry is able to grasp and provide methods that work........ He is a walking testimonial of his success and abilities in living a healthy and happy lifestyle."
-Richard Glover
Director HBS & ProLab Canada


I, Terry Keys along with the my charities ( Childrens Wish, QE11 Foundation and Maggies Place) also with The Tower, make no claim as to the accuracy of any of the information provided in the blog. If you have any questions regarding your health, nutrition or well should visit a certified physican.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

More Nutrition and Wellness Tips

Beat Cancer;  Did you realize that almost 2/3rds of cancers are preventable through exercise and diet?  So what are you waiting for.....lets get started!
Fight Fat;  An added boost from Green Tea because of its properties to increase your resting metabolism and raise the body's thermogenesis
To help your bones fight off osteoporosis, introduce a few prunes into your diet per day with its antioxidant properties
By age 40 your heart starts to get smaller, by doing cardio you keep your ticker and arteries flexible which helps slow down the aging process.
For a healthy snack to stop those nasty cravings during the day, try pistachios....the protein and good fats will take care of those hunger games.
Eyesight;  We all know about carrots, but one orange a day will give you enough Vitamin C to help fight off eye diseases like glaucoma
Ramp up your metabolism by doing just 15 mins of weight training. So no excuses, see you at the rack!
Omega 3 Wow!  These good fats will help your body turn protein into muscle, so look to take a daily supplement to help you reach your goals
Prostate Cancer;  Hey guys have these fibrous friends help you because of its flavonoids....strawberries, grapefruits, oranges, onions and greens
Keep an eye on these four groups to eliminate the irritants that stresses the body....gluten, (wheat, barley and rye) dairy, (the casein part of the milk) soy or corn.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Nutriton and Wellness Tips

Fruit or Veggies; Having a hard time getting your family its daily allotment?  Use a blender to puree it into meals and nobody needs to know but the K-Man  (lol)
Fiber;  Looking for something tasty and packs a punch towards your daily recommended needs?  Dates.....just 2 contains 3 grams of what your looking for, sweet deal!
Heart Health;  Lifting weights allows more HDL ( good cholesterol ) to stay in your system as pushing the iron prevents the enzyme from removing it......nice!
And another reason to get off the soda train.....having  a pop a day will raise your stroke rate due to its sweeteners and coloring that's added
Red Wine; Besides having antioxidants to fight disease, tests shows its slows down the growth of fat cells. Now that's something to toast too!
Weight Loss Supplements;  Are you kidding me!!...all they do is raise your blood pressure, heart rate and other side effects. Don't be looking for a shortcut, train and eat smart.
Pass the Fish and Smile; Omega 3 oils found in our friends from the sea will lower your chance of gum disease
Trouble Sleeping?  Try some kiwi's before bedtime with its serotonin ingredient to help you doze off
Protein Power;  Anchovies pack a punch of 1 gram per and only 7 calories plus have niacin which helps burn your fat.....that my friends is a win/win.
Give a boost to your antioxidants by squeezing a lemon wedge into your green tea because of the acidity......hey, see all lemons aren't bad
Dark Chocolate Magic ( at least 70% cacoa)  Besides helping your heart, tests prove a lowering of the mass index, so have an ounce daily

Perfect Food the Egg White;  In addition to the fat free protein, it also contains amino acids with high levels of antioxidants

Looking for another reason to be fit?  Every 4 inches you put on that "spare tire" of yours,  you increase your risk of Type 2 Diabetes by a whopping 95%